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Court Etiquette

Weapons of any sort are prohibited Drugs are prohibited Electronic devices are not to be used in the courtrooms (unless approved by the court) Do not chew gum while testifying Stand up straight and speak clearly Pay attention to any instruction given by the employees of the court and the Judge It is permissible to […]

Understanding Bail: Your Rights

You are innocent until proven guilty You are entitled to a fair and speedy trial You are entitled to make a phone call after being arrested You are entitled to know what you are being charged with You are entitled to an attorney or a public defender You are entitled to have your property returned […]

How Bail Works

When someone is arrested on a bailable offense and bail is set, the defendant can forfeit his/her right to see a judge within 72 hours of arrest (weekends and holidays excluded) and bail out. This is done most commonly using one of two methods: The defendant or someone other than the defendant will post cash […]

The Legal Process

The defendant is charged with a crime by the arresting agency. The District Attorney reviews the case and makes a decision whether or not to file charges. If the District Attorney does not file charges, the case is dismissed. If however, the District Attorney does file charges, there will be an arraignment where the defendant […]