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What Are The Various Forms Of Bail?

Not being able to afford bail may not be a problem – cash isn’t the only way you can pay for bail. It’s expensive and can be very tough to get that kind of money so quickly. Thankfully, there are various forms of bail so that everyone who is eligible for bail, has the opportunity […]

You Want To Know About California’s New Traffic Amnesty Program

California drivers, there’s a new program that can help you pay off outstanding tickets and still be in possession of your license. The program is identified as the California Vehicle Code 42008.8 and is a traffic ticket amnesty program. By enrolling in this program, California drivers can have their license reinstated. They sign up for […]

Know The Signs Of Trouble

It’s not always easy to ask for help, especially if that person is in trouble. When friends and family begin to notice odd behavior in a loved one, it might be a clue to step in and see if they are okay. Here are some signs to look for: Being restless at night and waking […]

You Just Might Be The Role Model To Someone Who Is Older Than You

Who says role models have to be people who are older than you are? Age doesn’t matter. It’s the qualities and characteristics of the role model that matters. Some younger people might be very mature and wise for their age. Some older people may have continuous mess-ups. What being a good role model means is […]

Are You Practicing The Proper Court Etiquette?

How you represent yourself (dress, act, speak) in court is very important. It does affect the ease of the trial and even the outcome. So, it’s best to practice wise court etiquette: Dress in business attire. Remove sunglasses and hats. When standing, stand up straight. Speak only when you are asked to. Answer only what […]

It’s Okay To Tell Your Parents You’re In Trouble

As a youth, you pretty much always had to tell your parents when you were in trouble. Concealing your issues was pretty hard. As an adult, it’s much easier to do so. Plus, you’re now independent and are supposed to be able to handle your own situations properly. But, it’s okay if you cannot; it’s […]

Pros And Cons To Being A Bail Bond Cosigner

A bail bond cosigner plays a very crucial role in the bail bond process. Potential cosigners should educate themselves of their responsibilities and potential consequences before physically signing on. Responsibilities of the cosigner: Seeing that the defendant goes to court whenever he or she is asked to Ensures the premium is paid on time Consequences […]

Knowing Your Rights When You Are Arrested Will Benefit You

Do your best to remain poised and confident (yet still compliant) with authorities if you are ever detained or arrested. Knowing your rights will definitely benefit you here. You have the right to remain silent. You must clearly state this if you wish to exercise this right. You have the right to an attorney. You […]

What You Get When You Go With Santa Ana Bail Bonds

When you choose Santa Ana Bail Bonds to help you, you get around the clock service, a personalize payment plan, low monthly rates, zero down, zero interest, no hidden fees, confidential and quick service, and more. But, perhaps the best thing about Santa Ana Bail Bonds is the agent(s) you communicate with directly. Most people […]

This Is What You Need To Know About A Citizen’s Arrest

In any situation, that involves breaking the law, it is best to allow the police to get involved and let them do their duty. However, there may be times where one person cannot wait for the police to arrive. An individual who is not a government officer may arrest another person if they actively witness […]