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Did you Know: There Are Benefits to Going to the Beach

You Can Benefit by Going to the Beach

Summer is just around the corner, or that’s what we tell ourselves. We’re itching to soak up the sun and maybe catch a few waves. We’re Californians, relaxing on the beach is in our blood. We live off of vitamin D and the sounds of crashing waves. True beach bums go year round to relax […]

Harmful Sun Rays

Harmful Sun Rays

Warmer days are in the forecast and spring weather is here in California. It is time to get ready for the sunshine. Most Californians love the sunshine, and after all, sunshine is guaranteed to the masses by state law. For Californians, sunlight means beach days, hiking, pools, suntan lines, and fun times. Fun in sun […]

Are You Feeling Underappreciated? Here Are Some Self-Care Tips to Help with That

Self-Care Tips to Help with The Blues

Life is crazy. We spend so much of our time hustling that we often forget to take a moment for ourselves. It’s easy for some of us to give to others all of the time and not expect anything in return. Though we may not consciously expect anything in return; we would like for people […]

Do You Want to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe?

Do You Want to Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Speeding is something that every driver has been guilty of at least once. We have all had days where our patience ran thin and we found ourselves rushing to get home as quickly as possible. We know doing so is a bad idea, and yet we did it anyways. Speeding puts drivers at an increased […]

How did we get the Easter Bunny?

How did we get the Easter Bunny

Hippity hoppity, here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping along the bunny trail. The Easter bunny comes and visits little boys and girls every spring. He hides eggs filled with treats, and brings baskets full of gifts for the kids. However, where does he come from? Where does the bunny trail that he hops along every year […]

Why are Dogs so Happy?

Why are Dogs so Happy?

When people are overly happy, you start to think something is wrong with them. Being that happy all the time is humanly impossible. However, if it’s a dog that is overly excited, that makes sense. Dogs are always overjoyed to just be anywhere with anyone. What makes them so happy? Dogs evolved from wolves. In […]

What’s Worse than a DUI? A DUI While Underage

Whats Worse than a DUI A DUI While Underage

Most people recognize the fact that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a bad idea. Unfortunately, there are still people out there who do not understand this concept, and many of them are underage. Young drivers are still learning how serious all of their actions behind the wheel of the car are. […]

Understanding Communication: A Basic Skill that Everyone Needs to Know About

Communication: A Basic Skill that Everyone Needs

Communication is essential to survival in the world. It’s a process that is ever changing, just like the world around us. Communication goes further than words. It is symbolic. Our earliest ancestors had to learn how to communicate with each other in order to pass on vital information. If they weren’t able to communicate, how […]

K9 Heroes in California: Super Dogs

K9 Heroes in California Super Dogs

Man’s best friend, is a cute loveable puppy. Dogs are symbolic of love, friendship, and commitment for many of us. They harbor a never-ending love for us and we don’t deserve it half the time. Their undeniable love and commitment to us makes dogs so lovable and perfect for every family. Every dog is special, […]

Things to Do This Spring in California

Things to Do This Spring in California

This winter has been cold, but it has flown by. Spring will be arriving soon and so we have to hang up our winter gear. It’s time to break out the floral pattern outfits, sunglasses, and start warming up once again. Here in California we’re so lucky to be able to have such great and […]