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If you are ever arrested, our guess is that your next few hours and days might seem very strange, awkward, and embarrassing. Strange because you don’t know what to expect next, awkward because you don’t know what to do until you’re told, and embarrassing because well, you’ve been arrested and everyone is judging you.

Well, hopefully a little of what we’re going to explain will help clear up some cloudy confusion so you kind of know what to expect if you (or someone you know) are ever arrested.

  1. You will be arrested.
  2. You will read your Miranda Rights and have the opportunity to refrain from questioning until you have a lawyer.
  3. If you are booked, you will be fingerprinted, photographed, and DNA will be taken. You will also need to undergo some health screening process.
  4. Any personal items you had on you at the time of your arrest will be taken and stored (such as keys, wallet, watch).
  5. You will wait among other newly arrested people in jail or a detention area. This is different than prison.
  6. Most likely, you will have the opportunity to post bail.
  7. You will stand in court for your hearing.

It is very unusual, except in extreme circumstances, for one to be denied bail. If you or your loved one are ever arrested, we are hopeful that bail will be an option, and Costa Mesa Bail Bonds can help you afford this.

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