Best Hiding Places for Presents



It’s time to hide some presents. This seemly simple task may be a lot harder than you think. Since we all want to surprise our friends and family with amazing gifts, it would be a bummer to have the surprised ruined because you couldn’t hide the gift well. Here are some tips on finding the perfect hiding spot.

According to a website called House Logic, borrowing a friend’s house to hide gifts at wouldn’t be a bad idea. This takes the gifts out of the house, and out of the way from nosy kids, family members, and other friends. Along the lines of hiding the presents outside of the house, it is also recommended that you hide gifts at your office, if possible. House Logic even suggests that you rent out a storage place to hide presents if you are in a real desperate need to hide gifts.

Another website, Cafemom, has similar ideas for hiding gifts. However these gift hiding spots are in your house. If you have an attic this could be an ideal spot to hide presents, especially if not a lot of people use it. Another location could be your underwear drawer, because nobody is going to want to go through your drawers. Another brilliant idea is to hide gifts in suitcases. This idea works only if you don’t plan on traveling this year for the holidays.

Hiding presents can be difficult. Especially if you have kids actively searching for the presents. If you do manage to find a good hiding spot for your presents, make sure you remember where you put them.