Uncovering the Truth About Bail Bonds Myths


There are many myths surrounding the bail bonds process. We feel that now is the perfect time to clear them up.

Here is the simple truth behind some popular bail bonds myths.

You Have to Use a Bail Bonds Business

While many people do turn to companies like Santa Ana Bail Bonds for help with bail, there is nothing that says you have to use our services. If you have enough money to cover the entire amount of your bail, you’re free to do so. Bail bonds companies exist to help people who don’t have enough money to cover their bail.

You Have to Pay the Entire Amount of Your Bail

If you opt to bail yourself out of jail, yes, you have to pay the entire amount. If you do so, you’ll get the entire amount back at the conclusion of your case. If you don’t have enough money to cover the cost of your bail, we’re willing to step in. Traditionally, we charge a 10% fee but there are many instances when we are willing to provide a 20% discount. The best way to determine if you qualify for this discount is by asking during a free consultation.

Don’t assume that because you don’t have the entire 10% on hand that you’re not eligible for bail. We have a flexible bail payment program that is designed to help you get out of jail and back home as quickly as possible. Many of our clients have benefited from our flexible, zero-interest payment program.

Santa Ana Bail Bonds Influence the Amount of Bail You Owe

We have zero influence on the amount of bail the court requires before they’ll release you. We have no sway over the court. We don’t even enter the process until after bail has been set.

Bail can be Revoked for Any Reason

Yes, bail can be revoked. No, it can’t be revoked without just cause. Before you’re released, the court will make sure you’re very clear about the specific instances that your bail will be revoked. As long as you don’t do anything to get in trouble, such as breaking the law or contacting the victim, you won’t have to worry about your bail getting revoked.

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