When a friend of yours has been arrested, you need to act quickly to rescue her from jail. The longer she has to stay in jail, the more she may feel like no one is going to help her. Show your friend that you care by bailing her out of jail as quickly as you can with the help of a bail bondsman that you can trust.

Santa Ana Bail Bonds was founded nearly 30 years ago and since then we have been helping people rescue their friends from jail. Our skilled bail agents make bailing your friend out of jail a quick and easy experience. Just give our bail agent the name of your friend, her birthdate and the county she was arrested in and our bail agent will set to work.

Our bail agents will be able to find any information that is still needed and will soon be able to tell you the price of the bail. Once all the information has been gathered and the price is known, our bail agent will begin figuring out payment with you. If the bond is too big for you, we can break it up into smaller monthly payments. Once a down payment has been received, we can bail out your friend.

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The county your friend was arrested in can affect the amount of time it takes to bail her out of jail. Some counties are faster than others at booking people into the system and we cannot bail someone out until they have been booked in. We can get the bail process ready to go before your friend has been booked if you already know the price of the bail. Once the bond is set up and the payment has been received, we can send a bail agent to bail out your friend.

Show your friend that you care for her by using one of the best bail bonds companies in California to bail her out. Santa Ana Bail Bonds has offices all over the state and can rescue your friend out of any jail or courthouse in California. Do not make your friend sit in jail any longer than she has to.

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