Fake Trees vs. Real Trees



It’s time to put up the Christmas trees, and decorate the house for the holiday. Family, and Santa Claus, are coming to town. With holiday cheer on the radio and the smell of sweet, delicious baked goods in the air, all you’re missing is the tree. Now you have a questions to ask yourself: Do you go get a real tree so you can smell the pine, or do you purchase a fake tree to keep for several years? Deciding between which type of tree you should get can be complicated.

According to the LA times, fake trees are better for the environment in some ways. Since you’re not chopping down trees, the earth has more trees, which means more oxygen. Fake trees are also cost effective according to Money Crashers. You don’t have to buy a new tree that ranges from $30 to $150 each year. If you store your fake tree properly, you can keep it for several years to come. However, fake trees spend more time in the dump after being thrown away, since they take hundreds of years to decompose.

However, real trees smell like pine. The experience of picking out a tree every year can also become a family tradition. They also don’t need to be fluffed up to look realistic. Real trees can also sometimes be replanted, so you’re not reducing the oxygen in the air. Real trees can also be recycled easier and can go back into the environment without worry. Unfortunately, real trees can pose a fire hazard if not properly cared for.

Either way, having any Christmas tree is the perfect tree. From tall to small, real or fake, it’s not the tree that makes the holiday, it’s the memories that are made around them.