How To Recognize A Loved One Needs Your Help – Before They Ask For It


Sometimes, we blame ourselves too harshly for not helping a loved one sooner, or not doing enough, and they wind up in this deep and dark hole. Somehow, our loved one’s issues become our own but frankly, that really should not be the case. It’s not our fault we “failed” to see the signs and help. No, it is not our fault, but we perhaps if we educated ourselves on common red flags, we can act a little quicker. If your loved one is

  • Growing more anti-social and withdrawing from friends and family.
  • Increasingly angry, tired, sad, restless.
  • Consuming more alcohol and other substances.
  • Distracted and having trouble concentrating and thinking.

Perhaps you should approach your loved one to express your concern for them. Maybe they don’t really need your help and are just having an off week but if these “symptoms” continue to persist and intertwine with each other, you ought to talk to your friend. He or she may even deny you but if you have a strong gut feeling something is wrong, just go for it. Quietly, they will be thankful in the present and will maybe vocalize their gratefulness to you later on. You can be the reason your loved one avoids bigger problems and troubles.

If things get so far as to your loved one getting arrested, do not lose hope.

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