Irvine Bail bonds

When you are looking into getting a bail agent you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. All of our bail bondsman at Irvine Bail Bonds are highly trained and are always continuing their education in bail bonding. Our bail bonds agents will always treat our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Every year our bail bonds agents go through a training course to make sure they are up to date on everything bail. This allows our bail bondsman to provide faster and better help than other bail bonds companies. This training on top of our over 25 years of bail bonds experience allows us to give you the best bail bonds services in California.

Irvine Bail Bonds has over 37 agents state wide. Our agents can bail people out of jails and courts all over California. Our bail bondsmen are available 24/7 because bail can happen at anytime. They’ll work with you over the phone to figure out payments and answer any bail bonds questions you may have. If you can’t drive to them, they’ll drive to you to help speed the bail process along.

Consultations with one of our trained bail bonds agents are free. These consultations can be about bailing a friend or family member out of jail or getting an estimate of how much it’ll cost to bail your loved one out. They can also be just about finding your loved one’s inmate information or checking to see if you have a warrant.

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The vast majority of our bonds are approved with no collateral and perfect credit is not required. Most people don’t have perfect credit so why do most bonding companies require great credit? Co-signers with decent jobs and family members who feel confident that their loved one will make all of their court dates are more important to us. Getting someone out of jail is easy when you have us working for you! We are the number one bail bonds agency in California.

Rich history. Integrity. A professional business approach. Our word is our bond.

Call 1-714-973-2245 today to speak to a licensed bail bondsman who can help you obtain the release of those who have been arrested and detained.