Most Common Bail Collateral Options


The answer to your bail bond monetary payment woes is collateral. Money is tight, bail is expensive, and frankly, you never thought you would need to pay it, right? That’s why offering collateral is also an option and it will be returned as long as the defendant shows up in court.

Here are the most common bail collateral options:

  • Valuables  – jewelry, gold, firearms. The valuables must first be appraised before it is accepted as collateral.
  • Real Estate  – this must be property you own or have a hefty equity in. Typically, the court will not accept real estate that you still owe mortgage for.
  • Vehicles  – this includes cars, boats, ATVs, etc. that you own, not vehicles you still must make payments for.

If you’re offering collateral to help someone get out of jail, it is best to be on their case and make sure they get back to court when asked. After all, you put some costly valuables on the line for them. Plus, chances are since they know your property is at stake, they will be more inclined to show up in court anyway.

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