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We cannot Lower Bail but We can Bail You Out Affordably

Costa Mesa Bail Bonds

It is not often that a judge will reduce a person’s bail after setting it. The judge is the only person who can lower bail; not even a lawyer can lower a defendant’s bail. Although it is rare for bail to be reduced, it does happen. This was the case recently in a matter involving […]

Lake Forest Bail Bonds Will Make Sure Thanksgiving Is Complete

Lake Forest Bail Bonds

If you are worried about not being able to post bail for your loved one in time to bring him or her home for Thanksgiving, you probably are not aware of all of your options. Cash bail is expensive, difficult to pay for, and requires 100% of the bail to be paid before the defendant […]

Bail Bonds Are More Reasonable Than Cash Bail

Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Paying for cash bail is more often than not, a financial struggle. It requires paying the entire bail amount, thousands of dollars, before being physically released from jail. That is an unimaginable solution to many people. Paying for a bail bond is much more reasonable to the majority of people who are arrested, and their […]

Factors Determining Bail

Santa Ana Bail Bonds

California judges have what is called a bail schedule, which they follow whenever they are required to determine the amount of bail for a defendant. For the record, all states have different bail schedules. The bail schedule is reviewed and modified as necessary yearly. Besides following the bail schedule, the judge will also consider the […]