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Do Not Miss the Holidays, Contact La Habra Bail Bond Store Today

La Habra Bail Bond Store

One of your favorite things on Christmas is watching your young children open their gifts with joy and reckless abandon. They are genuinely happy and so innocent. It is a picture perfect moment, one that you do not dare miss a moment of, and you are determined to not let your arrest deter you. You […]

A Company That Is Open on Thanksgiving

La Habra Bail Bond Store

As much as we wish we did not have to work on Thanksgiving, we at La Habra Bail Bond Store will be available to take your calls for help. We are a 24/7 company that never makes a person wait until the next business day. We do this because anyone can need our professional assistance […]

DUIs Cost More Than You Know

La Habra Bail Bond Store

Everyone knows not to drink and drive, but everyone also knows that a lot of people do not follow this simple logic. People think they are invincible. They have driven intoxicated before without any problems and they are fine. However, the ones who have been pulled over, been in an accident, or have been sent […]