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Surprise! A Birthday Celebration After Bailing Out of Jail

If you really want to wow and surprise someone who is important to you for their birthday, and if you are financially stable enough to do so, you should give them the ultimate gift of a unified family. How do you do that? Bail the “troublemaker” of the family out of jail! The birthday is […]

Memorial Weekend Checkpoints

Because driving while intoxicated is all too common, never a non-issue, and always important to address, the police will set up DUI checkpoints every now and then at various streets throughout the city. When a long holiday weekend comes around where there will be more alcohol consumption than usual throughout the day, there will be […]

Bail Bond Truths Revealed By Debunking Common Myths

A lot of what people understand about the bail bond industry, before ever finding out they will need a bail bond, is what they see on television. Even then, what they learn from television about bail bonds is very little, and certainly not the whole picture. We are here to spill some truths by debunking […]

Bye Bye, Vacation – Bail Comes First

Spring is springing and that means travelers are traveling! All kinds of destinations are calling our names, but sometimes, travel plans are rudely interrupted. An untimely arrest befalls a person and suddenly, they have to craft their immediate future around this legal case. Now, some people who bail out of jail will be allowed to […]

Newport Beach Bail Bond Store is Your Best Choice

Newport Beach Bail Bond Store is a family-owned company that was founded in 1987. We have been bailing California residents out of jail for over 25 years. We are one of the oldest bail bonds agencies in the state. No one is more experienced at bailing people out of jail than our bail agents. Often […]

Save Your Loved One from Jail Today with Help from the Professionals at Newport Beach Bail Bond Store

Do not force a friend or family member to stay in jail longer than he or she has to. Instead, your loved one out of jail today with help from the professional agents at Newport Beach Bail Bond Store. Our agents are always available to help our clients whenever they are needed. We will help […]

Newport Beach Bail Bond Store Has The Best Prices

Newport Beach Bail Bonds Store

Everyone knows bail is expensive like everyone knows that space is big, but what people often fail to realize is just how expensive bail really is. Very few people are prepared for the shock of discovering how expensive their loved ones bail is. Most bails are thousands of dollars, which most people don’t have lying […]

Paying For a Bail Is Not Scary When You Go To Newport Beach Bail Bond Store

Finding out that your friend or family member has been arrested can hurt. You do not want your loved one to sit in a jail cell, and you want to rescue him or her, but the price of the bail bond prevents you from doing so. Just thinking of having to pay someone that much […]