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3 Tips To Successful Bail

Applying for a bail bond is a quick and simple process, but there is no room for error. A bail bond can just as easily be revoked as it is granted, and obviously, no one wants that. Here are 3 important tips to follow when getting a bail bond: Hire a bail bonds agent and […]

You Cannot Leave Your Gun Just Anywhere in Your Home

Grey’s Anatomy recently aired an episode where a young boy accidentally shot his friend because the two found a gun in the home; the gun belonged to one of the parents. No one ever intended any harm, but the gun was poorly stored at home. This episode prompted us to highlight California’s gun storage laws, […]

How to Prepare for Your Court Appearance

Preparing for court, specifically as a defendant, can be very nerve-racking. It might seem like an odd comparison, but think of it like an interview. You need to appear professional and mature. You must be honest. You cannot let emotion overcome you. Here are some helpful pointers in preparing for your court date. You should […]

There Are Laws Regarding Gun Storage. Did You Know That?

All kinds of laws surround California gun owners. There are laws for purchasing and selling guns and there are obviously laws for how guns are used. There are even laws for storing guns, which are no less important to know than all of the other laws about guns are. Storage laws are primarily meant to […]

Orange County Bail Bond Store Makes Bail Easy and Affordable

Perfection is an impossibility, yet most bail bonds agencies require their clients to have perfect credit to get a bail. At Orange County Bail Bond Store we do not require our clients to have perfect credit to bail their loved one out of jail. We want you to be able to get your friend or […]

Let a Family-Owned Bail Bond Store Company Help You Get Your Loved One Out of Jail

Orange County Bail Bond Store is a family-owned company that was founded back in 1987. Since then, we have ed thousands of people out of jail and helped them get back to their families. We have some of the best agents in California. They have knowledge that we passed down from agent to agent for […]

Brush Up On The New Hoverboard Laws

The New Hoverboard Laws

Now is the time to be fully aware of the new hoverboard laws in California, especially if you currently own one or plan to in the near future. These laws are meant not just for rider safety, but also for the safety of others near you because as you’ve probably heard, a number of them […]

Orange County Bail Bond Store Has The Best Bail Agents

Orange County Bail Bonds Store

Unlike several other bail bonds companies who left you more confused than when you went in, the bondsmen at Orange County Bail Bond Store will teach you about the bail process. They take the time to sit with you and explain everything you want to know. They explain bail prices and how they’re set and […]

We Have the Best Bail Agents in California Working at Orange County Bail Bond Store

Do you need a helping hand to get your friend or family member bailed out of jail? If so, then you need Orange County Bail Bond Store. We have been helping clients bail their loved ones out of jail for nearly 30 years now. We have years of experience gained from dealing with a variety […]

Understanding Infractions, Misdemeanors, And Felonies

Laguna Beach Bail Bonds Store

There are three classifications of crimes as defined by the justice system. How a crime is classified will depend primarily on what exactly the crime was, how dangerous and harmful it was, and how expensive it was. Other considerations will include if the offender has a criminal history and even where or when the crime […]