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Understanding Bail Options

Cerritos Bail Bond Store

When a person is arrested, they are either eligible to post bail, or they are required to stay in jail. On the surface level, that is as simple as it gets, but understanding bail options is where it gets more complex. There are multiple methods to posting bail and getting out of jail. Cash Bail […]

It’s Never Too Late To Turn Your Life Around

Even for those who have had multiple brushes with the law throughout their lifetime, it’s never too late to get life turned around. We can never give up hope on helping those who can’t seem to stay away from trouble because then they will give up hope on themselves. It doesn’t matter if that person […]

How Bail Controls Population In Jail

Even with all the prisons and jails in the United States, it’s sad to say that they are all overcrowding. And because prisons and jails cannot accommodate all offenders, many who have been sentenced for a less serious crime are released before doing their whole time. Bail can help alleviate this issue a bit. For […]

Santa Ana Bail Bonds Can Assist With Felony Bonds, Misdemeanor Bonds, Appeal bonds, and more

Were you arrested? Do you feel alone and unsure of what move to take next. At Santa Ana Bail Bonds, we understand your concerns and our team is here to help. Jail time is not what you want or need, and Santa Ana Bail Bonds is here to make sure that your are represented properly. […]

How Bail Works at Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Santa Ana Bail Bonds of Orange County offers bail bond service to Orange County and the surrounding areas of the state of California. Our bail bondsmen provide quick, efficient service to make the process of securing a loved one’s release as painless as possible. Bail occurs when a judge ends the incarceration of an individual […]

Santa Ana Bail Bonds Announces Attorney Priority Bail Services

Santa Ana, Ca 11/20/2013 –Santa Ana Bail Bonds, a trusted bail bond agency serving all of California, announces attorney priority bail services. California criminal attorneys are taking advantage of the benefits being offered by Santa Ana Bail Bonds. Attorneys referring their clients to the bail bond agency have access to the best rates. Clients with […]

An Internal Debate

Court records show he was arrested June 7, after being stopped for speeding. What happened next is in dispute. Officers say he was belligerent, assaulted them and resisted arrest. Green says he was pulled over for no reason, treated with disrespect and attacked by the officers. Green wants a jury to decide who was right […]

Bail Burden Keeps U.S. Jails Stuffed With Inmates

Leslie Chew spent his childhood working long days next to his father on the oil rigs of southern Texas. No school meant he never learned to read or write. Now in his early 40s, he’s a handyman, often finding aBut he got by — until one night in December 2008 when the station wagon got […]