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Attending School During the Pandemic


Never before have so many parents been confused about how their child’s education will take place during the upcoming school year. Concern about COVID-19 spreading through the schools has caused a great deal of confusion regarding how education will work during the 2020/2021 school year. The Governor’s Thoughts About School This Year One of the […]

Don’t Get Scammed out of Your Stimulus Check


Don’t Get Scammed out of Your Stimulus Check As the world practically shuts down in response to the spreading COVID-19 Pandemic, many people are now finding themselves stuck at home. For some, this time away from work can be very welcome. For others, however, not making any money is very stressful. Millions of people across […]

Are You Being Safe Online?


Are You Being Safe Online? In the modern age, people are always being reminded of different ways to be safe while traversing the internet. A person never knows what they will run into online, or what private information they may be risking. While the majority of the most popular websites are safe and secure, every […]

Why Do Bail Laws Change So Much?


Laws and regulations are always changing with the times. As we continue to grow and learn, we come up with different, hopefully better, ways of handling different rules and regulations. Bail laws are no exception to this fact. They continue to adapt and change almost every year. This constant change can make it difficult for […]