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A Bail Bond Protects Your Pets

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Getting arrested is stressful. Getting arrested and knowing you have a few pets waiting at home for you is considerably worse. What makes getting arrested different from most other times you’re separated from your pets is that this time you didn’t have time to make arrangements in advance to have them cared for. The police […]

Do You Remember Your Rights?

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Let’s take a little history lesson, a rather important one. In grade school, we learn about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These rights have protected the people for over 200 years and continue to do so, so it is imperative for the people to know their rights and know if and when they are […]

What Happens In the Immediate Hours Following an Arrest?

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What happens in the immediate hours following an arrest is what is called the booking process. This is when your official arrest record is updated. The booking process sounds like a quick 10-minute procedure but it can really take quite a while depending on the number of people being booked and the number of officers […]

Dealing with Payment Plans Is Easy with Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Do You Want A Payment Plan?

  Payment plans are pretty great. They break up the large cost of something and spread it out over a set amount of time. This makes it easier for a person to afford whatever the item is. However, they can add a bit of worry for some people. People may worry about missing a payment, […]

Don’t Worry, Bail Is Easier Than You Realize

Don’t Worry, Bail Is Easier Than You Realize

  Often times in life, people find themselves stuck doing something uncomfortable. This happens all of the time, despite a person’s best attempts to avoid it. A good example of this is when a loved one gets arrested. No one ever wants to post bail, but most people don’t want to leave someone in jail […]

Santa Ana Bail Bonds Will Help You Deal with an Unexpected Arrest

Santa Ana Bail Bonds Will Help You Deal with an Unexpected Arrest

  There are a lot of moments in life that people can’t plan for, despite their best efforts. One of those moments would be the arrest of a friend or family member. Try as you might, you can’t always tell your loved ones what to do, even if you do, they may not always listen. […]

Cell Phones Aren’t Just Dangerous Behind the Wheel

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

  Cellphones have gradually grown to be a major part of just about everyone’s daily lives. Most people keep a phone with them 24/7. This ensures that they will always be able to get in touch with friends and family members whenever they need to. The smart little device also has the ability to grant […]

Santa Ana Bail Bonds Will Help You Right Away

Some Common Bail Questions from San Jose Bail Bonds

  There are plenty of events in life that can occur and cause a person to panic. A perfect example of this is when someone gets arrested. Anyone can see how getting arrested is a scary experience. A person is ripped from their life and placed into a jail cell. No one wants to experience […]

Be There for Your Loved One with an Affordable Bail Bond

Be There for Your Loved One with an Affordable Bail Bond

  When someone that you care about is in trouble, you will do everything that you can to help him. No matter what you have to do, you will aid your loved one. This even includes bailing him out of jail. The initial call may have surprised you, but you are not going to let […]

Let Our Agents Show You There Is Nothing to Be Afraid Of

Let Our Agents Show You There Is Nothing to Be Afraid Of

  The idea of needing to bail someone out of jail can be intimidating to a lot of people. After all, this isn’t something you deal with on a daily basis. However, as scary as it may seem, posting bail doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, with the right help, posting a loved one’s […]