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Obstruction of Justice Laws in California


A surprising number of people think that obstruction of justice is something the writers of procedural shows made up in order to correct plot holes. While it’s true, obstruction of justice is an overused plot device, it is also a real thing. If you live in California, there are a few things you should know […]

Keep Your Holiday Traditions Alive and Bring Your Loved One Home

Santa Ana Bail Bonds

The holidays are filled with many small, intimate, family-only traditions, such as cookie decorating, caroling, opening a gift on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day. You adore and live for these moments with your growing family, and you will do anything to make sure these little traditions are kept alive, year after year. […]

To Be Mirandized

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When someone is Mirandized, it means that they have been arrested and given their Miranda Rights. We are sure you have heard of Miranda Rights at least once or twice on television. They go along the lines of: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be used against you […]

How Much Will Bail Cost?

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The moment you learn that your loved one has been arrested, one of the first thoughts that starts running through your mind is “how much is this going to cost?” There is the cost of a lawyer, the cost of bail. Depending on why he or she was arrested, there will also be the cost […]

There Is No Stronger Support System than Family and Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Santa Ana Bail Bonds provides the best care for all of their current, former, and future clients when it comes to getting a person out of a California jail with a bail bond. When it comes to this, some companies could not care less about your quality of happiness and satisfaction, as long as the […]

Jumpsuits for Halloween? No Thanks!

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An orange jumpsuit is not a good Halloween costume at all, and the best Halloween parties will not be in jail. Santa Ana Bail Bonds can help make sure that the orange jumpsuit is not your loved one’s costume, and that he or she is not spending the night in jail. If they are eligible […]

What to Expect When You Are Arrested for a DUI for the First Time

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DUI arrests happen a little too often around you. You can’t count the number of people you know who have been arrested for a DUI with your hands. Knowing what they each had to deal with makes you wonder what the charges are for someone who faces a DUI for the first time here in […]

Wouldn’t It Be Great to Get a discount On a Bail Bond?

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Santa Ana Bail Bonds Offers a Discount Everyone pretty much knows that bail bonds can be expensive, but did you know it is possible to get a discount? Call 714-973-2245 to find out more. Do you need to bail a friend or family member out of jail, but you fear you might not be able […]

You Always Want To Get Professional Help

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Especially When Bailing Someone Out of Jail Do not settle for an inexperienced bail agent, talk to a professional by calling 714-973-2245. When you need to get your car fixed, do you take it to the first person you see? No, you take it to a professional who knows what he or she is doing. […]

Why Does Bail Exist?

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Bail exists to help balance the justice system. The purpose of bail is to let recently arrested defendants leave police custody and jail so they can return home to their loved ones and go back to work, spend time with family, and go about as much of their regular life as possible. It is not […]