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Using GPS in California Could Result in Legal Trouble

gps laws in california

Very few of us even carry a map in the car with us. Why would we when GPS is so much more accurate and gives us directions while we actually drive. As wonderful as GPS devices are, if you’re driving in California and using one, you need to be careful. Like most states, California has […]

Are You Feeling Underappreciated? Here Are Some Self-Care Tips to Help with That

Self-Care Tips to Help with The Blues

Life is crazy. We spend so much of our time hustling that we often forget to take a moment for ourselves. It’s easy for some of us to give to others all of the time and not expect anything in return. Though we may not consciously expect anything in return; we would like for people […]

Healthy Choices That Can Make a Big Difference

Healthy Choices That Can Make a Big Difference

Lifestyle changes take time. That’s why New Year Resolutions don’t always work out. You have to start building a habit for several weeks until it becomes a lifestyle change. Just like you can’t expect to lose ten pounds over night, you can’t expect to change your life overnight. Typically a habit is formed after two […]