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This Holiday Season, Splurge on a Taxi, Lyft, or Uber

Seal Beach Bail Bonds

This holiday season, especially on holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, be prepared when you are going out. By that, we mean figure out your transportation plans ahead of time, especially if you plan to drink alcohol. This holiday season, tell yourself it is okay to splurge on a cab driver. Using a car […]

Definition of a Co-Signer

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The role of a co-signer is to provide their legal obligation to be financially responsible for another person’s dues if that person fails to make good on those dues. Having a co-signer for a legal purpose allows more room and flexibility for the first person to make adjustments and meet more ideal goals. For example, […]

What to Do When Your Loved One Is Arrested In Front of You

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If you have faced the horror of bearing witness to your loved one’s arrest, you should not have to face the nightmares that follow that moment alone. Do not worry, Seal Beach Bail Bonds knows all the right steps to lead you through the bail process as easily as possible. As soon as you learn […]