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Newport Beach Bail Bonds Makes Bail Bonds Quick and Simple for Our Clients

Some bail bonds companies are all about making as much money as they can from their clients. They will try to squeeze every last dollar out of their clients by surprising them with hidden fees and charging for every little thing they may do. Newport Beach Bail Bonds is not one of those companies. We […]

Do Not Let Jail Time Get in the Way of Party Time, Newport Beach Bail Bonds Is Here To Help

Summer is quickly approaching and summertime is party time for a lot of people. It is a time for having fun and not worrying about work or problems. Just remember to party responsibly, and in case you do run into trouble with the law, Newport Beach Bail Bonds will be there for you. We have […]

Worried About Your Upcoming Background Check?

In applying for a loan, a job, or an apartment, you are pretty familiar with the interview and background check process. It is a long waiting game for you to be cleared and given the thumbs up. Have you ever wondered what banks, employers, and landlords look at during the background check? Do you have […]

What To Expect When You’re Arrested And Booked

Immediately after someone is arrested, they will be booked. This booking process is to document the person’s information to have on record, creating an official arrest record. Here’s what happens: The defendant’s personal information will be taken, such as name, date of birth, height, weight, etc. The crime for which the suspect was arrested for […]

Newport Beach Bail Bonds Has Been Answering Clients’ Questions Since 1987 That’s Almost 30 Years

For the past 29 years, we at Newport Beach Bail Bonds have been making bail easier for our clients. Since 1987 our bail agents have been working tirelessly to bail Californians out of jail. We have roaming bail agents and regular offices located all over California to help you wherever you are. When you call […]

Bye Bye, Vacation – Bail Comes First

Spring is springing and that means travelers are traveling! All kinds of destinations are calling our names, but sometimes, travel plans are rudely interrupted. An untimely arrest befalls a person and suddenly, they have to craft their immediate future around this legal case. Now, some people who bail out of jail will be allowed to […]

Newport Beach Bail Bonds is Your One-Stop Bail Bonds Company in the State of California

Newport Beach Bail Bonds is your one-stop bail bonds company. When you call us, one of our trained bail agents will walk you through the entire bail bonds process. Our bail bondsman will do all the work that is needed to get your loved one out of jail. We will treat your friend or family […]

Newport Beach Bail Bonds Is the Reliable and Respectable Bail Company

For the past 29 years, Newport Beach Bail Bonds has been helping Californians bail their friends or family members out of jail. Since our founding, we have become one of the most reliable and respectable bail bonds companies in the state. You can always count on our bail agents to be there to help you […]

We Stand Out from Our Competition at Newport Beach Bail Bonds

When a friend or family member has been arrested, it can feel like nobody is there for you. A lot of bail bonds companies give off the feeling that they only care about how much money they can make from you. Newport Beach Bail Bonds is not one of those companies, our bail agents truly […]

The Fastest Way to Bail out Your Loved One is with Newport Beach Bail Bonds

When a friend or family member has run into trouble with the law and found him or herself behind bars, you will want to help. You want your loved one to be bailed out of jail yesterday. A lot of bail bonds companies claim to be the fastest, but fail to deliver on those promises. […]