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Live by The Vows You Promised Your Partner

When a bond of love is honest, true, and strong, nothing will be able to break apart the two who promised to support and be each other “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.” This wedding vow might easily be said, but harder done when the lower end of […]

Santa Ana Bail Bonds| A parent’s #1 job is to be the best role model for their child

Children grow up admiring their parents as the perfect people they want to embody when they are older. That is the human life cycle – to nurture children and teach them how to be well-rounded when they become adults. That’s why for parents, their number 1 job is to be the best role model they […]

Santa Ana Bail Bonds| Your tax return can help pay off bail!

Still need funds or collateral to pay for bail? Spring is approaching, meaning tax refunds will be flowing in! You can use this extra money to help pay for bail! While not the most ideal use of this money, it will certainly help ease the situation and stress. You already know bail is expensive to […]

Santa Ana Bail Bonds can help you protect your family

Unlike the police officers and other protective services who protect you from criminals on the streets, Santa Ana Bail Bonds can offer a different type of protection: protection from a family torn apart because someone wound up getting arrested. With a family member in prison, the family goes through an incredible amount of stress and […]

The great debate on violent video games: do they lead to violence in real life?

The debate on violent and crime-filled video games have been around for, well, since the beginning of violent video games! Do violent video games make people violent in real life? Not all video games are violent or crime-focused. For most, video game play is something to engage in on one’s down-time. It is a stress-reliever […]

Santa Ana Bail Bonds honors their mission, values, and goals

California’s Santa Ana Bail Bonds is proud to sit among the most honorable bail bond companies in the state. Our 27-year-old family owned and operated company works with integrity, compassion, and heart to help unite loved ones and resolve dire situations. On AbsoluteBailBonds.com, you’ll find that “It is the mission of our company to provide […]

It’s important to know your rights if you’re ever stopped by authorities

Getting stopped by police is pretty intimidating and not everyone is able to think straight and quickly when they are speaking. People get nervous, can forget to say something, and more. This is common behavior, even when they did not do anything wrong. Cops are authoritative figures and it is actually a part of their […]

I posted bail. What’s the next step?

If you ever find you rself facing trouble at a police station, it would be a good idea to ask for an attorney. Even if you are facing minor charges, having someone sit with you and explain the charges against you is very helpful. They can help you fully understand your case, pointing out consequences, […]

Orange County May Lose Millions for Jailing Illegal Immigrants

President Barack Obama’s plan to redirect federal funds to the southwest border could mean Orange County stands to lose nearly $6.5 million in funds to house illegal immigrants with criminal convictions – while the state could lose $110 million. Local and state officials have joined members of Congress who are up in arms about Obama’s […]

Jail Doesn’t Rest So Neither Does Santa Ana Bail Bonds

We have all at one point in our lives had to deal with an electronic receptionist, and so we know how annoying they can be. At Santa Ana Bail Bonds, the phones are always answered by an actual person, never an electronic receptionist. Call us now at 714-973-2245 to see for yourself. If someone you […]