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Using a Phone While Driving Is Illegal in California

using a phone while driving

  In today’s world, pretty much every adult has a smart phone. These incredible little devices give people access to everything important in their lives. They allow people to stay in touch with loved ones even though they may be miles apart. Unfortunately, these devices can be incredibly addicting. Just like everything out there in […]

Googly-Eyed Vandalism

googly eyed vandalism

  Googly eyes are pretty fun and goofy. This is just scientific fact. The funny little eyes bounce around and make anything look like it isn’t quite looking in the right direction. These silly little things can be placed on pretty much anything and get a good laugh. Well, at least most people will think […]

Looking for a Cheap and Affordable Bail Bond?

facing your fears

  If you were to ask anyone who has bailed someone out before how expensive it is, they would tell you it is very expensive. Bail costs several thousands of dollars here in California, which places it well out of reach of most individuals. That is why we are here at Santa Ana Bail Bonds work […]

They Found Sewing Needles Where?

sewing needles where?

  Everyone knows that they are supposed to have a balanced diet in order to remain healthy. This includes eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, everyone has their own personal favorites. Unfortunately for some Australians who like Strawberries, there is a serious problem with the fruit as […]

Did You Know Juvenile Records are Sealed when a Person Turns 18?

Santa Ana Bail Bonds

When your child turns 18, his or her juvenile criminal records will be sealed. So it may be that right now, you and your child are coping with their arrest and how it will affect them in the future, but know that when they turn 18, it will be a new chapter for them. Juvenile […]

Moral Obligation vs. Legal Obligation to Report a Crime

Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Some people believe that if they witness a crime, they must report it to the police; if they do not, they themselves are committing a crime. Actually though, in most cases, this is not true. A person may feel the moral obligation to report the crime, but they do not have a legal obligation to […]

Do the Police Need a Search Warrant for my Social Media?

Santa Ana Bail Bonds

You know that the police are looking at social media when they are investigating cases. What you may not know is whether they are allowed to do this with or without your consent or a warrant. So, here is what you should know: Content posted on public sites and accounts are considered evidence “in plain […]

We Never Stop Training

Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Our Bail Agents Are the Best in the Business We are constantly training our bail agents to keep them at their very best. You can see for yourself by meeting a local bail agent 615 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana CA 92701 or calling 714-973-2245. At Santa Ana Bail Bonds, we believe that you […]

Do You Want To Get Out of Jail Quickly?

Buena Park Bail Bonds

You Can Do That by Coming to Santa Ana Bail Bonds No one ever wants to spend extra time in jail, which is why people are always looking for quick bail bonds. Meet with a local bail agent at 615 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana CA 92701 or call 714-973-2245 to get a quick […]

Family Takes Care of Family

Brea Bail Bonds

This Is Especially True at Santa Ana Bail Bonds Families do not always get along, but they always support one another. If you need to help a loved one bail out of jail, call 714-973-2245 or meet with a local bail agent at 615 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana CA 92701. You may not […]