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Helping Children through Foster Care

Fullerton Bail Bonds

When it is discovered that a child’s parent cannot take care of the child, for whatever reason, protective services take the child away. The child is then placed into foster care until it is decided whether or not the problems at home can be solved. When a child is placed in foster care, he or […]

What Happens if You’re Arrested Outside of California?

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Here at Fullerton Bail Bonds, we have worked with so many people over our 30 years of experience. Most of the families we assist have only used our services that one time. However, every now and then we have had families come back for bail bond assistance a second or third time. No matter where […]

Get Over the Embarrassment and Get a Bail Bond

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When you are in a very rocky situation, keeping secrets is not the best idea. It is brave, yet immature, to believe that you can handle this situation on your own. You can handle this situation faster and when you have a handful of trusted friends and family backing you up. Admitting to loved ones […]

Now You Can Afford To Pay for Bail

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Did you know that your loved one’s ability to post bail may rest in your hands? Bail is expensive, and can be very hard for one person to post alone. They may need your help to get through this. You should contact Fullerton Bail Bonds before you get too concerned because we will be the […]

You Are Not Just another Number

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You Should Be Treated Like a Person You are a real person, and be treated like one. Contact Fullerton Bail Bonds at 714-973-2245 to talk to a bail agent who will treat you like a real person. It should not be hard to remember that you are a person since it is pretty obvious. However, […]

Fullerton Bail Bonds Will Help You Protect Your Right to Bail, and to Vote

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The United States Presidential election is only a few weeks away, and we would like to remind you that if you have been arrested, but not yet convicted, you still can vote. However, you cannot vote from behind bars, so you will need to bail out of jail first. Fullerton Bail Bonds can get you […]

Fullerton Bail Bonds Believes in Your Right to Bail

At Fullerton Bail Bonds we believe that everyone has the right to be bailed out of jail. That is why our bail agents work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to bail people out of jail. We work non-stop get your friend or family member bailed out so they can return home. You […]

You Get Great Bail Bonds Help from Fullerton Bail Bonds and Our Bail Agents

Some of the best advice you will receive in your life will come from those you care most about. You can hear the same thing from any other person in the world, but when you hear it from the right person, it manages to sink in and make sense. It is those people that you […]

Bailing Your Friend Out Is Easy With Fullerton Bail Bonds

Fullerton Bail Bonds

If you are having fun at a party, remember not to get too carried away. Nobody wants to go to prison, and yet thousands of people are arrested on a daily basis in California. For those moments where your friend takes the party too far, there is Fullerton Bail Bonds. We can help you save […]

We Make Bail Cheaper and Easier At Fullerton Bail Bonds

At Fullerton Bail Bonds we realize that paying for a bail bond can be expensive and overwhelming. This is why we offer our qualified clients discounts and payment plans to make bailing your loved one out of jail affordable. Unlike our competitors we won’t surprise you with hidden fees. We make bailing your loved one […]